Own Fleet


Davies International currently operates a fleet of 15 Scania Trucks. We have always maintained a reputation of operating the best vehicles in the industry, providing clients with trucks, trailers and drivers of the very highest standard. All aspects of the vehicle fleet are continually subject to review and selection process, to not only facilitate our customer's needs, but to continually reduce the environmental impact. Davies International can provide all clients, existing and new the very best service the market place can offer.


A fleet replacement programme commenced late in 2013, whereas the entire fleet was shifted to the Scania product. This truck manufacturer had not been a part of our business since 1992. The trucks are of the highest specification. Certified at 44 tonnes gross weight to ensure we can maximise customer's needs and be compliant in every country we travel to and through. The trucks are covered by a full Repair and Maintenance package for their life within the Davies International fleet. Drivers are continually trained and re-assessed and we work closely with Scania to achieve maximum efficiency such as usage of cruise control, vehicle coasting and active prediction. The Scania worldwide network enables us to know whatever the scenario, our fleet will be maintained and breakdowns / defects will be rectified as quickly as possible and to the highest standard. The fleet has full European breakdown coverage.

Global GPS - We can monitor vehicle data such as current position, speed, time and selective journey routing. Communication to driver and HQ is possible via satellite keyboard link. We can overview vehicle data to ensure the best / most economic routes are selected for time and cost savings to the customer. Environment responsibility is extremely important. We can also monitor vehicle and driver data to ensure vehicles are being driven to the maximum of efficiency the use of cruise control.


All trailers within the Davies fleet are fitted with Carrier Vector Units. In addition, Carrier Foretrack system is present on every trailer. This is an independent tracking system created by Carrier that can provide the following key information to every client.

  • The ability to view Temperature data at any stage of a journey, this includes the fridge unit temperature set point. The system can provide clients with up to date temperature summary reports upon delivery. This information can be sent immediately upon delivery via e-mail direct to you. A hard copy of temperature data can also be printed by the driver for your customer's records. The system also has GPS and temperature alarm functions if required.

Click HERE to login to the Foretrack System, and start tracking our trailers now.

Every trailer is covered by the Carrier product GOLDENCOLD. To ensure Davies International maintained continuity with the best product, GOLDENCOLD is a full repair and maintenance service programme that covers every type of perceivable break down within every country we deliver and transit. We have a full SOP for unit failure which can be viewed at any time and modified to comply with your exact requirements.


All trucks and trailers are equipped to meet the legal and environmental standards of every European country we have a presence in. Drivers are trained, certified and continually audited and reviewed on the very subject of Dangerous Goods. Davies International will ensure your hazardous consignment is collected and delivered whilst adhering to all European law and legislation. We can provide temperature controlled ADR transport services for the following ADR Goods in Packages: Class 2/3/4/5/6/8/9. Temperature can be controlled between a range of minus Thirty to Plus Thirty degrees Celsius.


All Davies vehicles are fitted as standard with the following security features:

  • Vehicle Immobilisers
  • Mobile Cab Phones
  • On Board Panic Alarms
  • Two sealing points
  • Trailer Bulldog Container Lock System
  • Three extra points of external padlocking as standard
  • Tamper proof door locking system positions at the fridge control panel
  • Temperature Alarms
  • Loading cargo at any required temperature will always be adhered to by a strict checking procedure for the driver to complete upon every consignment. The would include the following.
  • Safe distribution of load and weight throughout vehicle without compromising product safety
  • Safe and secure load restraint systems in place. Every trailer is fitted as standard with two horizontal locking bars, plus six heavy duty straps if required

Temperature Controlled Goods will be temperature checked by the driver every time directly before loading commences. Every vehicle is equipped as standard with a hand held digital probe. Drivers must comply with Davies International's SOP's regarding temperature checking. If the information the driver contravenes the customer's requirements, we will halt loading / offloading activity and inform the client immediately for their ultimate decision. For a complete overview of specific loading / offloading check we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click HERE to view our Vehicle Specification Sheet.